CORS Diploma

CORS Diploma is mandated by the Canadian Operations Research Society. As the Faculty Liaison for the CORS Diploma, I screen diploma requests and selectively recommend them to CORS organization if a student have taken the required courses as listed in the Supplement Calendar, which is copied here as well:

Course Requirements for the CORS Diploma:
To obtain the CORS Diploma, a student must have graduated from an Honours program, must be a member of CORS, and must have completed the following courses with at least a B average.

1. courses on OR Techniques: MATH 3171, 3172, 3333
2. courses on Probability and Statistics: MATH 1131, 2131, 2030, 3330
3. courses on Computers and Systems: at least one of EECS 1020, 1030, 1520, 1530, 1540, or 1560, or MATH 4939
4. courses on Applications of OR: at least one of MATH 4172, OMIS/MGTS 4000, 4550, 4560

Note that OMIS/MGTS courses are offered by the Schulich School of Business. Hence you need to register these courses by filling in OMIS Course Registration Form, and send it to the email address indicated in the form.

Note that courses may have additional prerequisites, hence you need to plan ahead of time.

Students are strongly encouraged to select additional courses from the following list in preparation for a career in OR:
• MATH 3260
• MATH 4130B, MATH 4280, MATH 4430, MATH 4830, MATH 4930A
• MATH 3280
• ECON 3580, ECON 3590
• OMIS/MGTS 4670, OMIS/MGTS 4710, OMIS/MGTS 4720
• OMIS/MGTS courses from item 4 of the required course list
• EECS 2031, OMIS/MGTS 3670
• OMIS/MGTS 3730

In general, students don't need to let me know ahead of time nor need my permission to take these courses. After you passed all required courses, and decided to apply for the CORS diploma, please send me the following information by email:

York ID:
CORS member ID: (enroll it anytime at Canadian Operations Research Society)
Home address:

I will help you from there.