Financial Engineering Diploma

For graduate students interested in the Financial Engineering Diploma, please read the Mini-Calendar for details on the Admission Requirement, Course Requirement, Internship/Research Project Requirement, and Seminar Requirement. The following paragraphs provide links to necessary forms, and explain the procedures.

Once you have carefully reviewed the Mini-Calendar, and decided to apply, please email me the application form, your CV and the transcript. For PhD students, please ask your academic supervisor(s) to email me the permission as well.

Course Registration
Please read the list of required courses inĀ  Mini-Calendar. For math courses, you may register directly; for Schulich courses, you will need to get approvals from Schulich for each of them. To make it easy, just fill in course-program-other.pdf form for each of them once the course registration is open, and send forms to me. I will facilitate the rest of the process. You will get notices directly from Schulich, typically a few days before the first lectures.

For your convenience, here is the schedule of these courses:

Internship/Research Project
As specified in the Mini-Calendar, you need to arrange an relevant internship or research project in the second year. Once you have the setup, and before the start of the internship or the research project, please send me the Internship and Project Approval for Diploma Form. After you have successfully completed the internship or research project, please ask your supervisor to send me a confirmation email.

Seminar Requirement
Here is the seminar attendance form you will need to fulfill the Seminar Requirement as specified in the Mini-Calendar. Please follow the instructions written in the seminar attendance form.