Professor Chen supervises master/PhD/PostDoc students, and teaches undergraduate/graduate/public courses.

  • 2020 Excellence in Teaching Award (senior Tenure Stream), Faculty of Science, York University


  • MATH 3171 Linear Optimization
  • MATH 3172¬†Combinatoric¬†Optimization
  • MATH 4171 Nonlinear Optimization
  • MATH 4172 Operations Research Models
  • MATH 6902 Stochastic Programming
  • MATH 6904 Modern Optimization


Short Courses

  • Optimization models in finance, education, and scheduling
  • Optimization techniques for deep learning
  • Introduction to optimization modeling languages and solvers
  • Introduction to artificial intelligence
  • Introduction to deep learning
  • Introduction to data science
  • Introduction to Python

Interesting Coursework from Students

2019, Zhao Lian, Ruimeng Yang, Jingyi Liu, Support Vector Machine (SVM), MATH 6902 Modern Optimization

2019, Kosal Chhin, Convexity and Uniqueness, MATH 6902 Modern Optimization